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Cyberlords @ ULSA Noroeste

Luis F Lupián (Research Professor with the School of Engineering) was invited to give a plenary talk at the 9th International Mechatronics Colloquium organized by the IEEE student branch of Universidad La Salle Noroeste which took place amid the 20th anniversary celebration of the institution.

The talk was titled "Software Architecture for Intelligent Humanoid Robots", and was centered around the different modules that compose the recently developed libCyberlords library, on which our top scorer humanoid robot Max is based. Several videos of the robots of team Cyberlords La Salle were shown as evidence of the performance of this library.

The event took place from 19th through 21st of October in Cd. Obregón, Sonora. It was attended by the academic community of Cd. Obregón and neighboring cities. Right after the talk, the attendants were able to see a live demonstration of the Mexican scorer robot Max, which was developed by members of team Cyberlords La Salle.