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Max about to score at LARC2011

Our star striker Max scored a total of nine goals in four matches at the Latin American RoboCup Open 2011 in Bogota, Colombia.

Cyberlords La Salle scores at the RoboCup 2011 World Championship

This is the third goal of Max at the RoboCup 2011 World Championship in Istanbul, Turkey.

Cyberlords La Salle celebrates the equalizing goal vs TKU (Taiwan) at RoboCup 2011

This is the seventh goal of Max at the world cup. The rival team was leading by 1:0. By the end of the match, they were about to score again, but Max turned the situation around and scored the equalizing goal.

Demo of Tony and Max at LARC2011

After winning the final game at the Latin American RoboCup Open 2011, Tony and Max played a series of penalty shots for the amusement of the local crowd.

Cyberlords shoots towards team FUmanoids' goal

Our team needed to tie the last match of the second round in order to advance into the quarter finals. Max made a last attempt to score when the clock of the match was about to expire.

Cyberlords La Salle scores at the RoboCup 2011 World Championship

This is the second goal of Max at the RoboCup 2011 World Championship in Istanbul, Turkey.

Team Cyberlords+Falconbots scores at the RoboCup Mexican Open 2012

Max scores at the final game between Cyberlords+Falconbots and Bogobots. The final score was 1-0. April 2012. Our team conquers the Mexican championship once again.

The Mobile Robotics and Automated Systems Lab at the School of Engineering of Universidad La Salle, Mexico was founded in April 2004. We focus our research efforts on several fields related to mobile robotics, mainly in computer vision, locomotion and behavior control. Since 2008 we've been giving special attention to humanoid robotics. In July 2008 we started building our first generation of humanoid robots. We are currently developing our new generation of humanoid robots which will be presented at the Mexican RoboCup Open 2013 and later at RoboCup 2013.

Our team became Mexican champion in RoboCup Humanoid Soccer since its debut tournament in the 1st Mexican RoboCup Open in September 2008. We have also become Latin American champions for two years in a row in 2010 and 2011. More recently, we became mexican champions at the Mexican RoboCup Open 2012.

We are very actively involved in the Mexican Robotics Federation, which leads several robotics initiatives at the national and international levels. Among them the annual Mexican Robotics Tournament and RoboCup 2012.

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RoboCup Mexican Open 2012 champions
Team Cyberlords+Falconbots won the final match of the RoboCup Mexican Open 2012 on Saturday April 28th becoming Mexican champions. The team is integrated by students and researchers from Universidad La Salle México and Insti ...